Our Lunch Menu is available from Mon-Sat 11:00A - 3:00P.
Please order by number or letter.
Prices are subject to change at anytime.
#Lunch PlatterPrice
1Almond Chicken7.35
2Princess Chicken7.35
3Chicken In Hoisen Sauce7.35
4Hot Braised Chicken7.35
5Garlic Chicken7.35
6Sweet and Sour Chicken7.35
7Sweet and Sour Pork7.35
8Chung King Pork7.35
9Pork with Onions7.35
10Green Onion Beef7.85
11Pepper Steak7.85
12Princess Beef7.85
13Sweet and Sour Shrimp7.99
14Princess Prawns7.99
15Shrimp in Lobster Sauce7.99
16Mandarin Shrimp7.99
17Snow Peas with Water Chestnuts7.35
18Vegetable Ensemble7.35
19Chef's Select Vegetables7.35
20Fried Rice (Chicken or Pork)7.35
21Egg Fu Young (Chicken or Pork)7.35
22Chop Suey (Chicken or Pork)7.35
23Chicken with Vegetables7.65
24Szcehuan Chicken7.65
25Szcehuan Shrimp7.95
ASweet and Sour Chicken7.99
BCashew Chicken7.99
CBeef with Broccoli8.50
DChicken with Vegetables7.99
ESzechuan Chicken7.99
FMongolian Beef8.50
GGeneral Chicken7.99
HCurry Chicken7.99
IShrimp with Peapods8.75